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Postpartum Recovery 月子調理

Postpartum Recovery is a very unique tradition in Asian cultures. It can be dated back  to 2,000 years ago in ancient China when special herbal formulas were used to help postpartum moms to recover faster. This tradition is still carried on until today, notably in Taiwan, China and Korea. In Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there are more than thirty standalone postpartum recovery centers covering an area that’s a little less than 105 square miles. A study shows more than 97% of women in Taiwan today have had some types of medical recovery during their postpartum period. Another study shows postpartum mom who had support whether a medical or just family support demonstrate better recovery and less chances of getting postpartum depression. For a more comprehensive list of the benefits please click HERE.



在1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine,我們基本上以課程搭配療程,幫住在西雅圖的美國媽咪們了解坐月子的重要性及生活中要注意的事項,接著開中藥加速她們在坐月子期間的康復。

不管用科學中藥粉或是傳統中藥材,相信每一個媽咪們都有一個疑問:中藥安全嗎?很遺憾,在台灣,目前的中藥幾乎都源自中國大陸,普遍仍有重金屬污染、農藥殘留等問題。健保給付的GMP科學中藥粉經過煎煮、萃取、濃縮等製程,其生菌、重金屬、農藥的殘留理論上相當少,可低於國際標準,但有些藥廠因成本、技術考量,在科學中藥裡摻雜比例不一的生藥粉,導致生菌過多、重金屬、農藥、黃麴毒素殘留等等問題。GMP科學中藥雖經政府主管單位抽驗把關,但目前台灣的標準卻比國際的寬鬆甚多。僅極少數藥廠秉著標準製程,不摻雜生藥粉,符合國際標準,患者求診服藥時通常也不知服用的藥粉有無摻雜生藥粉,只能自求多福 (源自。

很幸運的,我們在美國可以從信譽好、有良知的藥商那進完全無重金屬、農藥、黃麴毒素殘留的中藥。這對消費者來說真是一大福音,不但服用了有效果同時對身體也沒有負擔。這主要是因為從國外進口的任何食品都要經過FDA審核,這是其一。再加上美國的醫師及消費者對於食品安全更加謹慎,所以這邊大部分的藥商為了要搏取醫師的信賴,除了進口一般的中藥(就是沒有經過正式檢驗,在一般華人超市買的到的中藥)外,也會進口較高檔的中藥材。這些是經過很多檢驗,可以提供證明沒有重金屬污染或農藥殘留問題的中藥材。近幾年普遍大眾對食品的要求更高,因為食品汙染越來越嚴重,不是農藥汙染就是基因改造的問題,讓消費者現在選擇更加謹慎。也基於這個原因,有機農耕開始興起,有機的中藥材也開始如雨後春筍般出現於美國的中藥市場。我們1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine在跟廠商進中藥時,如果有有機藥材就會進有機的,最起碼也都只進高檔的中藥材,絕不進那些來歷不明可能有汙染的劣等貨。我們相信任何的醫療行為,都應該遵守醫師畢業時宣誓所引用的希波克拉提斯宣言中的第一項條文:First Do No Harm。


Meditation Qigong Exercise

At 1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Bellevue, we focus not only on the treatment results, but patients’ lifestyle and diet and virtually everything relevant to their medical complaints.  We constantly make recommendation to change their dietary habits and lifestyle making them feel healthier each day. This is our secret ingredient to our success in helping so many people to thrive in their recovery.

One thing we also do is teaching meditation Qigong technique to all our patients.I personally have been trained by the world’s renowned Qigong Master Zhao Xue-Zhong ( as one of his advanced disciples. I have been teaching patients simple Qigong exercises for many years and receive great feedback. One thing I often hear  are things like “Wow, I never knew this was that easy!” Indeed, Qigong practice is not as hard as you think especially Master Zhao’s Qigong. He basically simplified traditional Qigong exercises to pure breathing techniques. Patients do not need to remember the moves like Tai Chi, and it can be done almost anywhere (except driving of course).

Below is the meditation that we teach to all our new patients. This has helped many people to relax their body and quite their mind in just a few minutes. Try this at home and let us know how you do. We only teach this to our patients but since there have been many requests from our patients asking us to share it on our website so more people can benefit from it, so here it is! We also do weekly acupressure workshop, if you want to find out more about this amazing medicine please call us and come in for free consultation!


Counting Meditation

This counting exercise is a simple exercise to help you sharpen mental focus, eliminate stray thoughts, and calm the mind especially at the end of the day when you need to unwind and prepare for a good sleep. Before you begin, find a comfortable, quiet place such as a bed. Lie down with your hands on both sides. Make sure there will be no interruptions for the following 10 minutes including the telephone so that total focus can be achieved.

This easy exercise involves three simple steps:

1.    Count from One to Ten, then from Ten back to One – This is the easiest part, everyone knows how to count.

2.    Count upon inhalation OR exhalation – So how do we know which one to pick? Let’s say it’s the end of the day and you are trying to sleep but you just have so many things running in your mind that keep you from  falling asleep. You would count on exhalation – as if you are using this technique to get rid of the stray thoughts and quite your mind; In the morning when you wake up, but you are feeling so tired and seem to have no energy to get up, you would count on inhalation- as if you are trying to inhale the energy from outside to replenish your own.

3.    During counting, if any stray thoughts pop up count from the beginning again – this is the hardest part. When you begin to practice this exercise, just focus on your counting. But very soon stray thoughts might begin to pop up. When that happens, please go back to One and start all over again. This also is a good exercise to test how long you can stay concentrated on one thing.

Please practice this exercise daily and you will find yourself counting further and further from One. Please note, if you are absolutely cannot focus on counting, do not stress yourself out. Just stop the practice, do it tomorrow when your mind has quieted down.