Meet the Team

David Ta-Jen Lin, EAMP, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)

David is a graduate from Bastyr University, one the most prestigious schools in Complementary Medicine in the country. He is nationally board certified by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

He started his path on healing medicine as young as age 15. He began to self-study meditation and qigong. At early twenties, he traveled to different places and visited various healing art institutions to learn medical qigong. His true passion in Oriental Medicine led him to move to Seattle to study Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University and obtained his license in 2006.

Aside from his academy training, David has undertaken many years of study in various disciplines in Oriental Medicine. He has studied Advanced Qigong Therapy since 2004 with Master Zhao Xue-Zhong, a renowned Qigong Master from China. The healing power of Qigong greatly enhances the therapeutic outcome by balancing the internal flow of one’s vital energy. He has completed an extensive training in Chinese Auricular Medicine with Dr. Li-Chun Huang, who is also known as the ‘Mother of Contemporary Auricular Medicine’. He also studied under Dr. Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang’s special pulse diagnostic system which enables him to stand out from the rest of other acupuncturists in providing a more comprehensive health analysis and finding out the underlying issues which cause the symptoms.   In order to deepen his knowledge in the root of this fascinating medicine, David traveled back to his birthplace- Taiwan to study with a well-known scholar Chong-He Wang some of the most ancient Taoist knowledge which allows him to analyze correctly one’s constitution in order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and treatment. He also completed a full training in Advanced TCM Therapeutic Tui-Na at Taiwan Chiropractic Association. Recently David has taken special training in Dr. Zhu’s Scalp acupuncture which specializes in post-stroke and spinal injury recovery.

In 2012, he created the very first complete Postpartum Recovery Program in the Pacific Northwest. This unique program has benefited numerous new moms to recover from their childbirth. He is currently working closely with birth professionals such as OBs, midwives, doulas, and psychotherapists as well as postpartum meal services to promote the awareness and importance of postpartum wellness in the local community.

In late 2018, he introduced the very first Korean facial acupuncture to Seattle to promote health and beauty of the face using the acupuncture and all natural products. This has widely received positive feedback and ongoing request.

His specialty includes facial-cosmetic rejuvenation,  pain management, sleep disorder, digestive complaints, emotional balance, Bell’s Palsy, post-stroke and spinal injuries, women’s health such as fertility, prenatal & postpartum support and menopausal symptoms. The mind-body connection is his main focus that sets him apart from other practitioners.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, some Japanese

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Naomi Umehara Floyd, EAMP, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)

Naomi graduated from Samra University in Los Angeles, California with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan. She holds East Asian Medical Practitioner license since 2006 in Washington State.

Naomi has been treating patients with various diagnoses in this busy clinic for over 10 years. Naomi strives to listen deeply to the needs of every patient and provides a sense of trust and compassion. She believes that combining a caring relationship with traditional treatment skills make for the most effective healing process. Naomi has a strong focus on prevention that is beneficial in the maintenance of good health despite the many demands and challenges of a busy lifestyle.

She has successfully treated men and women for a variety of issues such as pain management, sleep disorder, digestive complaints, emotional balance, post-stroke and spinal injuries, allergies, women’s health such as fertility, prenatal & postpartum support, menstrual and menopausal symptoms and many other internal or external ailments. She also offers Cosmetic face-lift acupuncture sessions for lifting self-esteem.

Naomi’s gentle, compassionate approach ensures that her patients will feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable.
Languages spoken: English, Japanese

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Sachiko Oshio Ph.D. CNM, ARNP

Sachiko a certified nurse-midwife, trained and educated both in Japan and the US. Now retired from delivering babies, providing women’s healthcare in Bellevue. I am also a psych-mental health NP who specializes in mental health of women related to the reproductive cycle. Her experiences include clinical midwifery including hospital birth, gynecological care, teaching undergraduate and graduate students, writing and translating OB and nursing books.

Nadeshiko Women’s Clinic is a small intimate clinic, residing within the 1st Choice Acupuncture Office, taking care of women’ health issues. Services include annual women’s check-up, testing and treating STDs, prescribing birth control methods, initial screening of fertility testing, prenatal care, postpartum care, and lactation consultation.

Sachiko enjoys reading, singing, and good movies. She loves dogs and cats, and sometimes, horseback riding.

Languages spoken: English, Japanese

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Katherine Ailshire (Office Manager)

Katherine is a Texas native who is excited to be a part of the team at 1st Choice. She is a graduate of Austin College where she studied International Relations and Communications.

She was first introduced to holistic treatment methods and acupuncture while teaching U.S. foreign policy in China, and continues to learn more from our staff while they work with our patients.

Katherine lives in Woodinville with her partner and enjoys playing sports, exploring the outdoors, and performing standup comedy.

Languages spoken: English, Conversational Spanish

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Kathy Nguyen (Office Manager)

I’m a mother of three girls, I’ve been exposed to herbal medicine all my life my aunt and my mom are really into alternative healing, but I love to learn more. I’ve always been curious of other techniques of medicines and is very interested in learning more.

I’ve been married for 17 years with three girls.

I went to Lake Washington Technical college to get my certificate in Social and Human Service. I am very active with my girls school was even a PTA president at one time.

Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese

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