2018 三伏貼 & 三九貼 (Summer & Winter Patches)




Fee/費用:200 (包含以上選擇的六次的療程,每次貼的療程大概只需十分鐘),需自費保險不給付。請來電425-392-8881 約診。時間有限,請早把握。



Dates for 2018 Summer/winter patches

First Summer Patch:July 17th (or any day of this week)
Second Summer Patch:July 27th (or any day of this week)
Third Summer Patch:Aug 16th (or any day of this week)

First Winter Patch:Dec 22nd (or any day of this week)
Second Winter Patch:Dec 31st (or any day of this week)
Third Winter Patch:Jan 9th (or any day of this week)

Fee: $200 per person (for all six sessions), not covered by insurance. please call 425-392-8881 to reserve your spot as soon as possible as time and patches are limited

The use of summer and winter patches during a specific time of the year has been a traditional way to improve one’s constitution since Qing dynasty.  It’s particularly indicated for those who are prone to have the seasonal allergy, asthma, cold limbs, poor digestive function and weak immune system. This is particularly popular in Asia for children under the age of 12 to improve their overall health.

Typically these patches are placed three times each time during the hottest days in summer, and coldest days in winter (therefore 6 times a year). The placement of the patches is usually along the Urinary Bladder meridian on both sides of the spine. Urinary Bladder meridian is associated with the storage & elimination of excessive energetic garbage in the body.  When it is stagnant, we are unable to eliminate the garbage as a result, it can cause many health problems. Imagine the garbage bags pile up at home when they are not picked up by garbage trucks, they not only stink but may also attract insects or rats.

General benefits of Summer and Winter Patches

  • Enhances the therapeutic effects of San Fu Tien (summer patches of the same year)
  • Supports your immune functions and void catching cold/flu
  • Improves circulatory flow especially peripheral parts such as hands and feet
  • Reduces the reoccurrence of hay fever, allergic rhinitis, asthma
  • Balances internal organ’s vital functions