Meditation Qigong Exercise

At 1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Bellevue, we focus not only on the treatment results, but patients’ lifestyle and diet and virtually everything relevant to their medical complaints.  We constantly make recommendation to change their dietary habits and lifestyle making them feel healthier each day. This is our secret ingredient to our success in helping so many people to thrive in their recovery.

One thing we also do is teaching meditation Qigong technique to all our patients.I personally have been trained by the world’s renowned Qigong Master Zhao Xue-Zhong ( as one of his advanced disciples. I have been teaching patients simple Qigong exercises for many years and receive great feedback. One thing I often hear  are things like “Wow, I never knew this was that easy!” Indeed, Qigong practice is not as hard as you think especially Master Zhao’s Qigong. He basically simplified traditional Qigong exercises to pure breathing techniques. Patients do not need to remember the moves like Tai Chi, and it can be done almost anywhere (except driving of course).

Below is the meditation that we teach to all our new patients. This has helped many people to relax their body and quite their mind in just a few minutes. Try this at home and let us know how you do. We only teach this to our patients but since there have been many requests from our patients asking us to share it on our website so more people can benefit from it, so here it is! We also do weekly acupressure workshop, if you want to find out more about this amazing medicine please call us and come in for free consultation!


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