Breech Baby & Postpartum Recovery

I had never given Acupuncture much thought. I honestly had no real opinions about it except that Charlotte on Sex & The City did acupuncture in one episode and it looked kind of relaxing. Still, I honestly had no real formed opinions about it.

During my 33rd week of pregnancy my baby girl decided to turn and go breech on me! After talking with my doula she convinced me to make an appointment with Dr. Lin at 1st Choice Acupuncture and raved about his practices but that also, he could help turn my baby.

The morning of my initial consultation with him, I had a checkup with my doctor and wouldn’t you know it, baby girl turned back in the heads down position. Instead of canceling my appointment with Dr. Lin I decided to see him anyway as I thought he might be able to help me with some back pain I had been having at night while pregnant.

Dr. Lin was very informative and we had a nice consultation as well as an acupuncture treatment which he told me he would be using less needles since I was pregnant. That week the back pain disappeared and I never had to use my prego body pillow for the remainder of the pregnancy! YEAY!

He checked my pulse and asked me a few questions about my fertility as well as if I was anemic. He nailed everything on the head just from reading my pulse. It was pretty [scary] amazing!

Additionally, during our session he also told me about his postpartum recovery treatment program and I became very interested! The postpartum program involved an intro workshop, 12 acupuncture sessions, herbal medicine tailored just for you, 3 different support bands for hips and tummy and a special diet to follow to help the body recover. I was a little hesitant though believed in it since that one session had helped me already. I talked it over with my husband who encouraged me to do this, being a big believer who practices Eastern medicine himself and I signed up!

It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve had my baby girl. Most people can’t even guess I’ve had a baby. I look the exact same as I did before the baby if not better. I have restored energy, zero pain, and even my irritability has been managed well. I’ve followed the program fairly closely and feel fantastic!

I have to say, if you’re nervous about postpartum recovery like I was, go see Dr. Lin for a consultation. It is a shame postpartum recovery is not stressed more in Western culture because it is one of the most important times to pay attention carefully to your health.

– T. J.,  Seattle, WA

Postpartum Recovery

I highly recommend 1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine for those seeking a very professional and courteous clinic. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and David Lin is a great acupuncturist and is very educated and knowledgeable. They also have a great postpartum program that I can honestly say has made my recovery go very smoothly and quick with their customizable herbal remedies, acupuncture treatments, postpartum meal plans, etc .

– L.K., Bellevue, WA

Severe Whiplash From Car Accident

I sustained severe neck and back trauma due to a major car accident. I tried a few months of physical and massage therapy and came to a plateau in my therapy where I was not making progress in gaining range of motion or pain relief. My options through traditional medicine were limited to drug therapy as I am not a good candidate for chiropractic therapy.  I tried some drugs but had side effects from them and generally am opposed to covering up my pain by using drugs without trying more a more natural long term approach for my recovery.

In consulting with a pain specialist I decided to try acupuncture and chose 1st Choice Acupuncture on a referral from a friend. David Lin has helped me reduce my pain and gain range of motion. The first couple of visits my pain relief was minimal but after a few treatments I started making slow and steady progress. After several visits I feel that I am making very good progress with my range of motion and my pain has definitely been dramatically reduced from when I started my treatments. I credit David Lin for assisting me with my recovery. He is friendly and has a holistic approach in treating his patients. I have recommended him to my traditional doctors and friends.

– N. Y., Renton, WA

Chronic Pain

As a first time acupuncture client, I had no idea what to expect when I entered David Lin’s 1st Choice Acupuncture. I only knew that Western medicine was not offering me much relief from the many issues I was facing. I did know that surgery, and pills were not the route I wanted to take to regain my health or even treat my symptoms.

I cannot compare the treatments at 1st Choice Acupuncture to treatments at other acupuncture practices, but I can compare it to typical Western Medicine Office visits and Patient Philosophies from Jayne’s initial warm greeting, and offer of hot tea to the two hour plus consultation with Dr. Lin. I knew this was not like any Medical appointment I had ever experienced. And now weeks later, Jayne’s greeting is still as warm, (and she remembers my name!), the tea is always waiting, and Dr. Lin still takes time both before, and after the treatment to discuss my concerns, and the many progress. He takes the time to explain what he’s doing, and why as well as explanations of Chinese Medicine and healing Philosophy.

I look forward to my visits to 1st Choice for the education almost as much as the treatments and my noticeable improvement to my health, and that 1st Choice was a good choice for me.

 – P.B,. Bellevue, WA

Chronic Fatigue

I can’t say enough good things about this office and the staff.  I came to the Seattle area from Denver very sick with multiple organ deficiency.  I had tried a western medicine general practitioner, who put me on steroids, which in fairness I think helped to “manage” the symptoms of whiteouts, dizziness, extreme fatigue and general dysfunction.  It occurred to me organ synchronicity is what acupuncture gets in balance.  So on a google search I found 1st Choice Acupuncture.  They offered a free 30 minute consultation so I called on a Friday morning seeking an appointment and when Dr. Lin was put on the phone asked if I could come that afternoon.  The appointment ended up being 1 1/2 hours with a treatment and no charge.  I have been overwhelmed with the kindness, professionalism, additional advice on diet, spirituality and overall wellness above and beyond the acupuncture and herbal medicines to improve my health.  I signed up for an extensive 2 month treatment (not knowing how long I would be in the area). I am about half way through the program designed specifically for me and feel about 70% better than when I walked in the door. They were very generous in working with me financially through different payment plans, have suggested other modalities; meditations, yoga, tai chi, breathing, and diet to boost my healing from the holistic perspective, which I am convinced is the only way we truly become whole and healthy in body,mind and spirit.  Thank you so much to Dr.Lin and his entire staff for being a supportive resource during a very weakened and out of balance time.  I feel I am on the right path to recovery in many areas of my life due to their expertise, knowledge and caring..

 – J.W,. Bellevue, WA

Fertility Trouble

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for five years since our first born. After trying for years, seeing numerous doctors, and two failed IVF attempts, we were about to give up. That’s when we met David, both my husband and I have undergone his treatment for only one month, I was pregnant! And 10 months later, we have a gorgeous, healthy little baby boy, all thanks to David! We couldn’t be happier and thank him enough!

– S.L., Taipei, Taiwan

Bell’s Palsy

I had Bell’s Palsy for about four weeks, and half of my face was paralyzed.  Right after the first treatment, I noticed a huge difference David has made, and after 4 treatments with steady improvement, I have regained 80% of my facial function/appearance already. In only a few short weeks of treatments, I have fully recovered from my facial paralysis! What amazes me was not only was I recovering from the facial paralysis, but during the treatment period, I had fewer headaches, more energy, and slept better! What I liked most about going to the clinic was the full attention they have given me and every single visit David made me feel important. Acupuncture works, and I strongly recommend David!

– A. G. Seattle, WA

Sport Injuries

I’ve been a patient of Dr. David Lin for about 4 years and have only excellent things to say about him. He’s very caring, and not only very knowledge and skillful in his principle domain (acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine), but also continued to expand his knowledge horizon into adjacent disciplines like Qigong and Auricular medicine, with one and only goal to better help his patients!

– A.S., Bellevue, WA