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The free 30 Minute Consultation is a great way for you to see and feel our clinic, meet your acupuncturist, and discuss any health concerns and goals that you have before starting any treatment. Sometimes trying something new can be daunting, so the consultation is an excellent way to introduce you to our style and see if we will be a good fit.

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Why 1st Choice Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine?

  • We have been dedicated to serving the people of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Renton, Mercer Island and Seattle since 2006. Our location is easy to find with ample parking.

  • We are the only holistic healthcare provider featured in the book “Washington’s Community Treasures”

  • We are currently contracted with most major insurance companies

  • We are the largest acupuncture clinic on the Eastside, with eight treatment rooms. Our state of the art facility offers a quiet and relaxing environment to ensure the best treatment outcome.

  • When you arrive at the clinic, you are immediately greeted by our friendly staff and served a cup of hot organic Goji Berry & Chrysanthemum tea to rejuvenate your energy.

  • We have a full herbal dispensary for customizing herbal medicine for each patient. Our herbal medicine does not contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or preservatives, and is very gentle on your system.

  • We offer a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plan and powerful wellness counseling. We treat both symptoms as well as the root causes.

  • We care about you as an individual. We always listen and never rush our session.

  • We have a great cash plan for people who do not have health insurance or who have limited acupuncture coverage.

  • We provide ongoing wellness and maintenance treatments to help sustain your health.

  • We have our own presentation room, conducting regular classes to educate and empower our patients with valuable tools to proactively maintain their health.

1st Choice Acupuncture has served the areas of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Renton, Mercer Island and Seattle since 2006. If you are interested in a consultation or would like to learn more, contact us today. 425.392.8881

What is Yin and Yang anyway?

yin and yang theory from 1st choice acupuncture in Bellevue

Most people throughout the world have heard of yin and yang, but very few people really know the unique origins of these incredible concepts. Yin and yang, or yin-yang, as it was originally known, was created in Chinese philosophy thousands of years ago, and has endured through the centuries because of its perfect way of […]

What are the acupuncture points?

acupuncture point

Acupuncture points are all over the human body, and number over four hundred. The idea of acupuncture has been developed from traditional Chinese medicine, and aims to return balance to a body that has become ill due to an imbalance. It is believed that a life force called qi flows through every living thing, including […]



One of the biggest myths about acupuncture is that “once you start, you have to go forever.” First of all, it is entirely up to you how long you choose to continue to get treatments. Of course, like any other healthy habit, the longer you maintain it, the better your quality of life. But just […]